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Lurgan Esox Club is an estabilished angling club in Lurgan, focused on fishing for Pike (Esox). If you wish to join the club you can do so now online or you can attend one of our monthy club meetings. Please don't think twice about contacting a member of the club, or if prefered a committee member, you can now use our contact us page if prefered, just leave your query and information and we will respond as soon as possible. If you would like to make a donation to the club please use the donate button below.


About the Club

Lurgan Esox Club was Established in Sept 2015 when 5 keen local Pike Angler's organised to meet in a local community house. From then the club has went from strength to strength and continues to grow. With weekly on going discussion's happening, a constitution was put in place and word of mouth attracted a few more local Pike anglers to join the discussion's. We contacted Lurgan Golf Club about using the premises as our base and they were happy to help. The members then involved put alot of hard work into getting the club functioning properly and in 10 short weeks the Club held its official launch in Lurgan Golf Club on the 11th November 2015, and that was the start of a very exciting time for Pike Anglers in and around the Lurgan Area.

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Child Protection

Lurgan Esox Club are keen to have all anglers who have a passion to promote and sustain pike angling, we are also keen to encourage the younger generation to engage and take on the sport we all love, a number of our club members recently enrolled and completed child protection training to make the possible. Although all of our members as a club have an obligation to set a good example and guarantee a child's well being we have taken the next step and appointed a designated person with in the club to manage and promote Child Protection, you can view Lurgan Esox Club's Child Protection Policy and others on our Policies page.

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How to Join the Club

Lurgan Esox Club would like to take this oppurtunity to welcome you to come be part of the club, all we ask is that you are prepared to put Pike first, and are open to a Catch and Release policy, after all, if you return a fish, you are giving someone else a chance to catch it even bigger further down the line, its called sport. If you are interested in joining the club please take a look at our Join the Club page for more information.

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